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What is Damask?

Referred to as the fabric of royalty, Damask is the rich, elegant cloth used in clothing, tapestries and upholstery throughout the ages. The fabric is intricately woven so that its mirror image appears on the back side: it’s reversible! Damask takes its name from Damascus, Syria, where 12th century Europeans found its finest examples. It was carried on the silk road from Damascus and has decorated the royals and their castles from the Middle East to China to Italy and the rest of Europe.

Just as Damask fabric is made by the delicate interplay of colors and weaves, we at Damask Cafe believe that great food is created by the artful mixture of flavors, color and atmosphere. And just as Damask cloth serves to clothe and cover as well as decorate, Damask Cafe’s cuisine is healthy and balanced as well as delicious.